Sermon November 30, 2008


“Giving Thanks to God for Forgiveness”

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I. Introduction

A. A Story of Forgiveness and Repentance

1. Beauty and the Beast

T- A similar, but true story we find today in the Book of Joel, Chapter 2:

B. Explain Background of the Book of Joel and Chapter 2

C. The main point of today’s text is that God is passionate for His people when they repent of their Sin and as we will discover as we look at Joel 2:18-27 particularly there is a great lesson to be learned in our own lives from the example given to us by this part of Scripture. That prayer and repentance given with humility and sincerity shall be forgiven.

T- Turning to the Scripture Lesson for this Lord’s Day morning let us look once more at verse 18 of chapter 2 in the Book of Joel: Joel writes:

II. The Lord our God is Passionate for Purity in His Church

A. Destruction of the Earth in Noah’s Time (Gen 7)

B. Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah in Abraham’s Day (Gen 19)

C. Destruction of the Temple by the Babylonians (2 Kings 24)

D. What about Today? (Matthew 24, Sheep and Goats)

T- We see how God deals with those who refuse to repent of their wicked ways, both as a nation and as a people. But what about those who do repent of their sin? What waits for them? Look again at verses 18-20 of our Scripture Lesson:

III. God has Pity on and Forgives His People when they repent.

A. Read Joel 2:12-17, example of true repentance

B. David’s Repentance after Affair with Bathsheeba (Read Psalm 25)

C. Story of Repentance and Forgiveness in Modern Times

(James Earl Ray and Martin Luther King III)

T- But how can we know that God will forgive us of our Sins, that God will do this for us?

Look again at Joel 2:21-23.

IV. Our God has Done So Before And Will Do So Again

A. As we saw with David, who was King and through whom Christ is a descendant.

B. The Children of Zion in Verse 23 are God’s Elect, His people, The Church is Zion (John 6 and 17, the Shepherd laying down His life for the Sheep)

C. God Fulfills His Promises (Adam (Gen 3:15) Abraham (Gen 16, Isaac)

T- We have seen that God honors our Repentance when given with humility and sincerity, but what does He promise He Will Give us in our Repentance? Read verses 24-26

V. Our Blessings Shall Overflow

A. Salvation in Christ (Read 2 Thess 2:13-14, Explain, Illustrate, Applicate)

B. Eternal Life (Read Acts 2:38, John 3:16)

T- From where will these blessings come and by whose authority will they be made known? Read Verse 27 again.

VI. By All these things We will know the Lord our God

A. The First Commandment (Verse 27 directly quotes from Exodus 20)

B. Why We Should Not Doubt He is Our God (Luke 24:36-45)

In closing this morning Brothers and Sisters what we should take away from this prophetic declaration from the words spoken to the Prophet Joel in the time after the exile from Babylon is that when we come to the Lord Our God with honesty and humility and sincerity in confessing the sins we have done in both in ourselves and omission our Sins shall be forgiven, not may but shall be forgiven by our Father who art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Because He is Our God and We are His people. For: (re-read Joel 2:18-27)

Amen and Amen.