Class Schedule For My Last Term In Seminary!!!

I am filled both with unending joy and a bit of fear in knowing that I have signed up for the last slate of classes I will ever take in my M. Div program. While I plan on doing work on a Th.M in the near future (which because of some other issues has been put on hold for the time being) this will be the last term and I will graduate with an M. Div at the end of February. I am also currently beginning to send out “applications” to open pulpits throughout the country. So without further ado here are the classes with the book lists…

Classes at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary

NT 12 Interpretation of the Bible

Biblical Hermeneutics, Milton Terry

An Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics, Walter Kaiser & Moises Silva

The Literary Structure of the Old Testament
, David Dorsey

PT 42 Marriage and Family Counseling

Christian Living in the Home
, Jay Adams

Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage in the Bible
, Jay Adams

Solving Marriage Problems, Biblical Solutions For Christian Counselors,
Jay Adams

Strengthening Your Marriage
, Wayne Mack

Sword and the Shovel, George Scipione

A Homework Manual For Biblical Living Vol. II, ed. Wayne Mack

Shepherding a Child’s Heart, Tedd Trip

Classes at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

MI 02 Missiology

Ministry of the Missional Church, Craig Van Gelder

Transforming Mission: Paradigm Shifts in Theology of Mission, David Bosch

Operation World, Patrick Johnstone

Suffering and Glory in the Mission of God, Scott Sunquist

OT 02 Prophets and Psalms

A History of Prophecy in Israel, Joseph Blenkinsopp

The Destiny of the Righteous in the Psalms, Jerome Creach

School Is Almost Here…

Tuesday September 9th begins the end of my Seminary career. By February I will be a graduated M. Div looking for a Pulpit from which to Preach the Gospel. As I continue on this journey to that end I hope for I would like to say a small thank-you to the readers of this blog for their comments and their prayers since I started this blog in 2005. Through you for your teaching, through it I have learned much.

Here is what my Schedule looks like for the Fall Term

TH 03 – Church and Sacraments (Pittsburgh Seminary)

OT 91 – Covenant Theology (Reformed Presbyterian Seminary)

ST 31 –  Doctrine of Human Nature (RPTS)

ST 41 –  Doctrine of Last Things (RPTS)

Here goes nothing…