Do You Wear the Cloth?

Quick question to the Blogosphere’s Reverends!!!

How many of you don the collar?

If you do or do not, why or why not?

I have often considered wearing a collar after my ordination and I would like to hear some reasoned arguments as to either why you wear one or why the wearing of the collar is not for you. Do you have a “Doctrine of the Collar” or is it just a matter of personal preference?

Now I will certainly wear a “Geneva Gown”, mostly because I am not interested in Aunt Millie questioning my poor tie choices every week. I realize I am a poor dresser so eschewing ostentatious suits for a black robe is a certainty for me. But seriously, I do believe it is important for the pastor to show some semblance of not only reverence and seriousness but also a recognition for the office that he holds. For more information I commend a paper written by Chris Larimer on the use Vestments.