Theonomy (ironically) depends on Common Sense Realism

The Lecture Hall of Tyrannus

Daniel quotes Jus Divinum on the Mosaic Judicials (the following is my inference, not necessarily his).

We answer, the Laws of the Jewish Church, whether Ceremonial or Judicial, so far forth are in force, even at this day, as they were grounded upon common equity, the principles of reason and nature, and were serving to the maintenance of the Moral Law. … The Jewish Politie is only abrogated in regard of what was in it of particular right, not of common right, so far forth as there was in their Laws either a typicalness proper to their Church, or a peculiarness of respect to their state in that Land of Promise given unto them.  Whatsoever was in their Laws of Moral concernment, or general equity is still obliging …[2]

Conclusion:  Whatever else 19.4 might mean, it clearly states that the use of the judicials…

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Atheism and Evil

“For Charles Darwin and all who make evolution and natural selection central to their view of life, realism constantly tends to collapse into pessimism, whatever their individual protestations of joy and hope in life. And the reason is simple. Not only is natural selection utterly blind to evil and suffering, but it favors the “selfish gene” and the survivalistic ethic of “might makes right” that is the evil heart of oppression and abuse of power. No account of twentieth-century evil can ignore its close kinship to the dark side of Nietzsche’s will to power.” — Os Guinness, “Unspeakable: Facing Up to the Challenge of Evil” pg. 130

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John Owen on Vol. 5

‎”We are justified by faith alone, but we are not justified by that faith which can be alone. Alone, respects its influence into our justification, not its nature and existence. And we absolutely deny that we can be justified by that faith which can be alone. That is without a principle of spiritual life and universal obedience operative in all the works of it as duty doth require.” — John Owen, Works Vol. 5 pg 73

Blog Update

I have been remiss in keeping this blog active as of late (like the past year). As I begin my Th.M studies in earnest I will keep you abreast of my studies and note some things I am learning. The focus of my work is looking to be on the Puritan Thomas Hooker, founder of Hartford, CT. More than likely focusing on his Doctrine of Assurance.