James Henley Thornwell

The “Charles Hodge of the South” (or better yet Charles Hodge was the J.H. Thornwell of the North) was the Dean of Southern Presbyterianism during the early-to-mid 1800’s. His writings are unfortunately much neglected in our day as Southern Presbyterianism itself has been purposefully and systematically expunged from seminary and church instruction. While he most assuredly has been apologized to death for being a “man of his time” in regards to his views on slavery et al I do not wish to spend time excusing and deliberating on his antiquarian views on certain subjects. What I do intend to do is spend a week or so giving you a taste of his brilliant theological mind. It is my hope that just as R.L. Dabney’s Systematic Theology has found its way back into print (find it here) that someone will take the effort to re-publish Dr. Thornwell’s 4-Volume Collected Writings as well as Benjamin Morgan Palmer’s Life and Letters of James Henley Thornwell.(Google Books here)

Here is his short Wikipedia entry.