Meme Time

Toby Brown from Classical Presbyterian has tagged me to fill out this Meme.

Here we go:

The Start of Summer Meme

1.) What first tells you that Summer is here?
2.) Name your five of your favorite distinctively Summer habits or customs.
3.) What is your favorite smell of Summer?
4.) What is your favorite taste of Summer?
5.) Favorite Summer memory?
6.) Extreme heat or extreme cold? Which would you choose and why?
7.) What books do you plan to read for the season?

8.) How does the Summer affect your faith? Is it a hindrance or an ally?

1.) I begin to sweat like a dispy baptist in a liquor store. 🙂

2.) a.) Drinking a beer, sitting on my balcony, reading a book, and listening to the Pittsburgh Pirates on the radio
b.) Fishing
c.) Going to Amusement Parks (Kennywood here in Pittsburgh)
d.) Re-Enacting Civil War Events (Going to this one in a month)
e.) Playing at the park with my daughter

3.) Freshly Cut Grass

4.) Rita’s Italian Ice

5.) Family Trip to Niagara Falls after my Senior Year of High School and before I left for Marine Corps boot Camp

6.) Extreme Cold. You can always warm up by natural means (fire, adding clothes), Cooling Down may get you arrested and costs money.

7.) See my post here. For those too lazy to look, Herman Witsius and Francis Turretin.

8.) Hindrance. Heat makes me angry and grumpy.
(Which is why God will send me down South for my first pulpit)

Local 1,700 member Church Votes 664-25 to disaffiliate

Church splits off after tiff in court
Memorial Park Presbyterian joins conservative denomination
Monday, January 21, 2008

Memorial Park Presbyterian Church secured a court injunction last week to allow its congregation to meet this past weekend over the objections of the Pittsburgh Presbytery, and the McCandless church used the opportunity to vote overwhelmingly to disaffiliate from the Presbyterian Church (USA) for a more biblically conservative denomination.

While Memorial Park leaders said their members’ 664-25 vote with three unmarked ballots means the church is now a member of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, a presbytery official said, however, that under denominational law he still considered it part of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

The ballots were handed out during one Saturday service and three yesterday to people whose names were checked against a membership list. The ballots covered four separate questions:

• Disaffiliating from the Presbyterian Church (USA).

• Affiliating with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

• Amending church bylaws to remove any mention of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

• Affirming all of its current pastors, elders and deacons.

The 692 ballots represented less than half of the church’s 1,675 members, but the number was close to its usual Sunday attendance in January. Memorial Park is the largest church in the Pittsburgh Presbytery, which has 155 churches and more than 40,000 members.

The votes this past weekend had been expected to be uneventful, given that the church’s session, or governing body, had voted unanimously earlier this month to disaffiliate, and the congregation had voted 951-93 in June to seek dismissal from the national church, believing it had strayed from biblical authority and no longer fully adhered to classical Christian doctrines.

But Tuesday, Memorial Park officials received a letter from a presbytery-appointed administrative commission that was formed, the letter said, to deal with “the destruction, disorder and unrest at our Memorial Park congregation.”

According to the letter, the seven-member commission of pastors and elders had the right to “remove, replace, restructure or dissolve the pastor’s relationship with the congregation” and remove all assistant pastors, elders, deacons and lay officers.

And the letter forbade the congregation from meeting or voting this past weekend.

On Wednesday, Memorial Park lawyers got an injunction from Common Pleas Judge Judith L. Friedman that prevented the presbytery from interfering with the vote.

On Thursday morning, the presbytery’s attorneys responded in court that they feared Memorial Park’s vote would affect the disposition of its buildings and 71/2-acre property on Peebles Road.

After the church agreed not to take any actions to transfer or dispose of its assets, the presbytery withdrew its opposition to the injunction.

A hearing is scheduled tomorrow before Judge Friedman to determine whether the injunction filed by the church will be dissolved or sustained.

Because Memorial Park no longer considers itself part of the Presbyterian Church (USA), church officials said it would not be bound by either decision.

“The vote [this past weekend] means we move forward with the ministry and the mission that we believe God has called us to,” said the Rev. Dean Weaver, senior pastor at Memorial Park.

But the Rev. Doug Portz, acting pastor of the Pittsburgh Presbytery, called this past weekend’s votes “unconstitutional” and said he would have preferred church officials meet with commission members rather than turn to the civil court.

“According to the Pittsburgh Presbytery, Memorial Park is still a member church of the presbytery,” he said yesterday. “We are saddened by their actions to take this vote.

“The vote that they have taken is an unconstitutional vote according to our constitution.”

Officials of Memorial Park plan today to hand-deliver notice of the church’s disaffiliation to the presbytery.

None of these maneuverings affects the lawsuit Memorial Park filed earlier this month against the presbytery, seeking to confirm its property title and avoid any threat of seizure of its buildings by the presbytery.

Memorial Park is seeking to become the second church in Allegheny County to leave the Presbyterian Church (USA), following Beverly Heights Presbyterian Church, which was dismissed in October.

Steve Levin can be reached at or 412-263-1919.
First published on January 21, 2008 at 12:00 am

PITT IS IT!!!!!!!!

Pitt 13

#2 WVU 9

Pitt Victory Song

Let’s go Pitt, we’re set for victory
So lend a hand, strike up the band!
Let’s go Pitt, we’re making history
We’ll never yield out on the field.
The whistle blows, we’re on our toes
The ball is IN the air.
It may be rough the going tough
But always fighting fair so…

(Chorus) Fight on for dear old Pittsburgh
And for the glory of the game
Show our worthy foe that the Panther’s on the go
Pitt must win today! Rah! Rah! Rah!
Cheer loyal sons of Pittsburgh
Cheer on to victory and fame
For the Blue and Gold shall conquer as of old
So fight, Pitt, fight!

Da da da da da-da Fight, Pitt, fight!
Da da da da da-da Fight, Pitt, fight!
V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! (repeat Chorus)

Beginning a New Course of Study

While the title may be a bit misleading it is quite a good summary of what I am going to do over the next couple of terms. I have applied to the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary here in Pittsburgh to take a couple of courses for credit over the next couple of terms, as well as next school year. My purpose for doing so is to both broaden my theological horizons past the mainline seminary I now attend (Pittsburgh Theological Seminary) and to allow for a more relaxed theological environment in which to learn. I must be honest in saying that it will be refreshing to sit in a class and not have to defend basic Christological orthodoxy and watch as “Reformed” theology is misconstrued, masticated and spit out. This may also lead to me working towards a M.A at RPTS, we’ll see…