Thank You Revs. Brown and Crawford, Preach it Brothers

Who gets to be called ‘schismatic?’

October 11, 2007

I continue to find the writings of John Shuck [Letters, October 10, 2007] to be illustrating about what we face by remaining in the Presbyterian Church (USA). Here is a minister in good standing who has publicly mocked our faith, who believes that Jesus’ body rotted in a grave, that Jesus will not return again, who mocks Christians on a daily basis over at his blog, and then he has the nerve to label a faithful minister like Bill Crawford a schismatic. What a joke! Friends, when an apostate “minister” stands within our system, not disciplined by his presbytery, who refutes the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and calls a faithful pastor schismatic, we had better know where we stand. How long, brothers and sisters in Christ, will we allow this to go on? How long will we swear our allegiance to an organization that allows a person like John Shuck to wear our label? As my good friend Will Spotts calls us to remember in his farewell address to the PCUSA, we had better remember what is being done in our names. I, for one, will not long abide in an organization that allows this to continue. How about you?

Toby Brown
Cuero, Texas

About letter by John Shuck
October 11, 2007

I think it will be a interesting day indeed when Christian members of the Presbyterian Church (USA) take a moment to see true heresy and apostasy at work by checking out John Shuck’s blog “Shuck and Jive.” Although offensive, it is a lesson in the practical reality of this institution. I think The Layman Online would do a community service to publish this letter and its links. Shucks, a full-blown investigation would be illuminating.Yes, John Shuck is a minister of Word and sacrament and, yes, he has been reported to the committee on ministry of Holston Presbytery and the reply was that he was a “minister in good standing.” You can read the sermons that he preaches from the pulpit of a PCUSA congregation here. Or, perhaps, you would like to read as John talks about the “Rapture” (warning – some medieval nudity here).When John Shuck insults me, I count it all joy.

Bill Crawford
pastor First Presbyterian Church of Thibodaux
Thibodaux, La.

Rev. Bill Crawford, Schismatic?

Isee the “Rev.” John Schuck has taken the time out of his busy day to take a pot shot at one of the consistory:

The PCUSA is moving ahead
October 10, 2007

It will be a day just like all others when schismatics like Bill Crawford
of Thibodaux, La. [Letters, October 9, 2007], finally exit the denomination in a
self-righteous huff. Despite the angry (and now tired) complainers, the vast
majority of the church does its work for Christ’s Kingdom. Crawford and his
crowd can stay or leave.The Presbyterian Church (USA) is moving ahead with or
without you.

John Shuck First Presbyterian Church Elizabethton, Tenn.

Open Rebellion

This is a letter to the editor in the Johnson City Press (My Great-Grandmother’s hometown) from a PC(USA) minister. I noticed it first when I read the newspaper in the August 20th edition. I did not pay it much mind until I found it on the Pastor’s own blog. Now paint me as a reactionary but is this not openly flouting the Book of Order and directives of the PJC and General Assembly?

Voting Against
“I have been honored to officiate at holy unions for gay and lesbian couples that I believe are as holy and blessed as any of the marriages I have performed for straight couples. I serve a congregation that welcomes and loves gay and lesbian people, their partners and families, and regards them as full and equal members.

I will be voting against this amendment in November. Regardless of what happens with this legislation, it is even more important that sexual minorities in this area know that you do not have to choose between your faith and who you are. There are congregations here that are open and affirming. I am proud to serve one of them.”

John Shuck
First Presbyterian Church