John Owen On False Conviction of Sin and Salvation

From Vol. 5 of His Works…pg. 23

By means of these and the like presumptuous conceptions of unenlightened minds, the consciousness of men are kept off from being affected with a due sense of sin and a serious consideration how they may obtain acceptance before God. Neither the consideration how they may obtain acceptance before God, neither the consideration of the holiness or terror of the Lord, nor the severity of the Law, as it indispensably requireth a righteousness in compliance with its commands nor the promise of the Gospel, declaring and tendering a righteousness, the righteousness of God, in answer thereunto, nor the uncertainty of their own minds upon trials and surprisals, as having no stable ground of peace to anchor on, nor the constant secret disquietment of their consciences if not seared or hardened through the deceitfulness of sin, can prevail with them whose thoughts are prepossessed with such slight conceptions of the state and guilt of sin to fly for refuge unto the only hope that is set before them or really and distinctly to comport with the only way of deliverance and salvation.

Quote of the Week

From John Owen’s Apostasy From the Gospel, pg. 7-8

…But only by the doctrines of the gospel can the mind be illuminated and freed from darkness and ignorance (2 Pet. 1:19-21)…

…It is a great mercy, a great privilege to be enlightened with the doctrine of the gospel and to have its truth impressed on our minds by the inward work of the Holy Spirit.
This great mercy and privilege may be lost by the sin of neglect, which will serve only to increase the sinfulness and condemnation of those who were once made partakers of this privilege.
Where this is a total neglect of this great privilege, with no attempt to grow in the knowledge of the gospel, the condition of such persons is very dangerous and could lead to final apostasy, from which they will find it impossible to repent.