Images of the Godhead and the Second Commandment, Part 8 (Cont.)

Continuing the post below looking at Hezekiah’s reforms as a good analogy for today’s problems with the 2nd Commandment we see that Hezekiah does not hesitate to return Judah to proper worship of God. While we unfortunately in my view neither have the ability to in a manner of speaking direct the worship of an entire nation as Hezekiah did nor do we have the right to go around smashing idols like our Orange brethren at Utrecht we do have the duty to make sure our Evangelical brothers and sisters know how they are defaming the Word of God by trying to picture him in any way (including injection-mold, heat transfer, or screen printing ChipB). And especially since most representations do not do proper justice to the ethnic origins of Jesus of Nazareth let alone his majesty and holiness. So we must ask ourselves at this point having shown that images of the Godhead do not do justice to the plain reading of the 2nd Commandment¬† and cannot be tolerated in any Orthodox manner or setting how do we go about directing the proper worship of Christ so that it is compatible in this regard to the 2nd Commandment? Do we have “Idolatry Awareness Month” or “2nd Commandment Sunday”? Do we write polemics and browbeat?

Well what say you?

Required Reading

I just began to read this book recently after needing some time away from my studies. I have become in the past year or so more hardened against the German scholastic nature of my seminary and have tired of Pannenberg, Schleiermacher, and Barth so it was nice to sit down and read a cogent introduction into the hows and whys of the current Modalist (Sabellianist if you would like) movement within modern trinitarian formulations and apologetics. Even while critiquing the Kantian school Letham is not fearful of taking on the major weakness of the anti-intellectual passions of the recent Evangelical witness; that being its negligence of the most central Doctrine of Christian faith. Robert Letham‘s work checks in at over 500 pages but if the first 25 are any indication this should be a very exciting and informative read.