I Have a Th.M Topic

My Calvinistic credentials have always been questioned because I have always been accused of planning too far ahead for there to be any real belief in providence. Well putting all that to the side I have decided to do my Th.M in Historical Theology at Erskine Theological Seminary on the “appearance” of images in Presbyterian Churches. Beginning with a look at the once traditional Calvinistic outlook on images in the church building I will trace the development of church architecture in the United States from the beginning of the 19th Century to the end of the 19th Century and see how the architectural conceptions changed in Presbyterian Churches from the beginning to end of the century and how the theology of the Church allowed for the incorporating of stained glass, ornate imagery, and pictures of Christ within the sanctuary.

Should be fun.

A Decision Has Been Made

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth my wife and I have decided that it would be best for me to go to Erskine Theological Seminary to pursue a Th.M. Lots of things went into making this decision including:

Theology (Erskine is committed to the Reformed Faith, Presbyterian Polity, and Infallibility)

Location (Wife’s educational opportunities and me not wanting to live in a big city)

Education (Erskine is well respected and the Faculty is top-notch)

(Erskine requires students to attend chapel and gives them class credit for it)

Th.M Program
(The Program allows me to focus on the area of study I want with ability for Full-Time Ministry)

While one could question any of the above reasons and some have their drawbacks (like work opportunities for me and my wife) and seem contradictory (as I do not attend chapel here at PTS so why I would want it to be mandatory may seem strange) after examing all the options the Th.M program at Erskine offers both the educational and structural integrity I am looking for in a seminary. Any comments, questions, and/or critiques are more than welcome. I will answer anything you want.

Quick Questions on Seminaries

I am looking to work on a Th.M degree after I finish seminary and have narrowed down my choices (for various reasons) to three seminaries.

(In no particular order)

Covenant Theological Seminary
Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Erskine Theological Seminary

Any information anyone has on these schools (I have already visited their websites. I am looking for personal interaction) would be greatly appreciated.