A Little Look at My Work on Thomas Hooker…

Thomas Hooker begins his work entitled “The Application of Redemption” with a brief lesson on the application of 1 Peter 1:18-19 in which he says:

Amongst all the heavenly truths of the Gospel, which the Lord Christ hath revealed and commended to His Church, out of His holy Word, there is none more precious, then that wherein the Application of the rich Redemption purchased by Him, is discovered and made good to the hearts, of those who belong to the Election of his grace, as giving a relief to all the rest of the Doctrine taught and learned.[1]

For Thomas Hooker nothing was of higher importance for the Christian believer than to root themselves in the promises of the Gospel by the imputation of the Righteousness of Christ and to see in the work of Christ the foundation for everything in the Christian Life. Resting and believing in this promise was of an utmost importance if the Christian was to truly understand their place in Christ. This is why the Doctrine of Assurance plays such a central role in Hooker’s theology and his sincere desire to see the poor doubting Christian rest in Christ’s arm his main goal in his preaching[2].

[1] Thomas Hooker, “The Application of Redemption” (New York: Arno Press, 1972) pg. 1-2

[2] Frank Shuffelton, “Thomas Hooker 1586-1647” (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1977) pg. xi

Thomas Hooker on the Doctrine of Assurance, pt.1

Thomas Hooker in his work “The Poor Doubting Christian Drawn to Christ” designs to save people who are already believers from the wicked movements and designs of antinomians who seek to impress upon their tender conscience that they know not Christ because they do not have a full understanding of the assurance of Christ’s work in their lives.  In these next few posts we will examine Hooker’s arguments.