A Little About Me

Well, that’s a first. It seems I’ve been “tagged” by Rev. Fishcler at The Reformed Pastor to provide “six unimportant facts/quirks/habits about myself” . It’s one of those Internet things. But I do appreciate him thinking of me. So here goes:

1. I have 4 Flags on my wall: State Flags of Ohio, WV, and North Rhine-Westphalia and the U.S. Flag

2. I was Co-Defensive Player of the Year my Freshman year of college (Soccer Goalkeeper).

3. I prefer Canadian Beer.

4. My middle name was originally going to be Thomas but my Grandfather changed it to Paul.

5. I am a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans

6. I always wear house slippers when at home.

Now, Rev. Fischler went on to list six bloggers, including me, whom he “tagged,” so I reckon I need to do the same. Those would be:

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