Backwoods Presbyterian

Benjamin P. Glaser, Proprietor

Sarver, PA

He is currently a Minister of the Gospel in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church and a graduate of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in the M. Div program with additional coursework completed at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, PA. Backwoods will beging work as the Pastor of the Ellisville Presbyterian Church in Ellisville, MS beginning in December 5, 2010. In the Spring of 2010 he began work on a Th.M in Reformation and Post-Reformation Studies at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. He also has been told that he bears a striking resemblance to Heinrich Bullinger. Any comments, concerns, and bile can be sent to secondhelvetic@yahoo.com.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m really trying hard to figure how to blog to where people know I’m out here. I know you are not a support person but I was searching for holiness sites and yours came up, I was just wondering if you had any advice.


  2. Hello, Benjamin. How are you doing? I miss interacting with you, brother on the Puritan Board. I like your blog. You have alot of information. I am going to add your site to my list. I hope everything is well with you. Be careful in espousing too much of the “theonomy” teaching. [ 🙂 Just kidding] Hope to interact with you more. Blessings to you.

    Stephen Welch

  3. Hey the last couple of days I keep receiving emails from Benjamin Glaser, but they’re ads fo Viagra and junk like that.

    I’m assuming you’re not sending them, but that you might want to know.

    John A.

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