Do The Psalms Speak of Christ?

Read an excellent post by the Rev. Iain D Campbell of Point on the Isle of Lewis Free Church of Scotland this morning on the Trinitarian nature of the Psalms that answers the oft charged point made by those arguing for hymnody that the Psalms are somehow deficient for New Testament worship since they do not have the literal name of “Jesus” in them.

Find it here and enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Do The Psalms Speak of Christ?

  1. I think people that would make this argument he attacks would not say that the Psalms don’t point to Jesus, but like all OT types and shadows they are just that: types and shadows. Those have, in turn, been fulfilled in Christ.

    Pliny the Younger, in his famous description of early Christian worship said that they “sang hymns to Christ as to a god.” I am forced to wonder how obvious that point would have been to him (he WAS a pagan, after all), if, indeed, these early Christians were simply singing the Psalms.

    One thing I have never heard EP’ers adequately explain is the songs of worship recorded in Revelation 4-5. I have heard them dismissed in two ways:

    1. This is a description of “heavenly worship” and not corporate, Christian worship. That bucket doesn’t carry much water, though. Christian worship is Christian worship, whether the Church be militant or triumphant.

    2. Revelation is highly symbolic and this should not be take literally. OK, but the fact remains that the worshippers are not singing the Psalms. They are singing about the Lamb that was slain within a concept of worship. Why would God do that, if, in fact, we are only to sing the Psalms. Seems needlessly misleading.

    In the final analysis, I remain unconvinced of the EP position for a variety of reasons though I do agree the Psalms must be sung.

  2. Good stuff, Ben. You might also be interested in a series of sermons by Rev. Todd Ruddell titled “Christ in the Psalms.” Very good stuff.

    1. Christ in the Psalms 1
    2. Christ in the Psalms 2
    3. Christ in t he Psalms 3
    4. Christ in the Psalms 4
    5. Christ in the Psalms 5
    6. Christ in the Psalms 6
    7. Christ in the Psalms 7
    8. Christ in the Psalms 8
    9. Christ in the Psalms 9
    10. Christ in the Psalms 10
    11. Christ in the Psalms 11
    12. Christ in the Psalms 12
    13. Christ in the Psalms 13

  3. How about Daniel?

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