Do The Psalms Speak of Christ?

Read an excellent post by the Rev. Iain D Campbell of Point on the Isle of Lewis Free Church of Scotland this morning on the Trinitarian nature of the Psalms that answers the oft charged point made by those arguing for hymnody that the Psalms are somehow deficient for New Testament worship since they do not have the literal name of “Jesus” in them.

Find it here and enjoy!

Classic Carl Trueman

“Look, if I wanted a pretentious and incomprehensibly abstract theology with an impeccable record of emptying churches, I’d convert to Barthianism, wouldn’t I?”

The sheer brilliance of this for myself, a former mainliner, is almost too much to bear.

Read the rest of the article on the “Young, Restless, and Reformed”  by the erstwhile Professor of Church History Dr. Carl Trueman here.