It Means Something to Be Protestant

On this the annual American celebration of “Saint Patrick” where there are more faux-Irish per capita than any place on Earth let us Protestants remember for at least one day a year that there is a reason we are not Roman Catholic.

Being Protestant Means Something.


9 thoughts on “It Means Something to Be Protestant

  1. And let us remember that Patrick was catholic & orthodox, not Roman Catholic.

    That capitalization on the c means something, too.

    Your’s in the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church’s faith: CLL+

  2. All true, yet the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland is not the one pushing the “Holy Day”. We as Protestants also do not elevate one day above another for special reverence of another saint.

    As an aside should the Church really be reveling in the Caligulaesque day that America has created?

    Would Saint Patrick approve?

  3. Corned beef is good if you smoke the brisket with a really good dry rub and have it with cold slaw, beans, cornbread and a cold Lone Star… Oh that’s Texas not Ireland… my bad

  4. What a great discussion!

    As a Reformed/Presbyterian Christian myself and the proud descendant of Ulster-Scot Presbyterians, I observe each March 17 by the wearin’ of the orange.

    Patrick of Ireland was indeed a role model of Gospel-centered faith and evangelism. And I doubt he’d go for either the annual March Bacchanalia carried out in his name or the Romanist proclivity for calling on deceased fellow believers as “intercessors” when only Christ fills that role.

    I bet he’d go for the great corned beef & cabbage with a pint o’Guinness though. Yum…

    Five Solas!

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