Systematic Theology, Day 1

“Though some of God’s dispensations of providence appearr to smile upon the wicked and frown on the virtuous, yet it must be admitted that we often mistake with respect to men’s real charachters, and that we are apt to think there is a great deal more happinness in ease, wealth, or honour, and more unhappinness in afflictions, than really is.  A future eternity of rewards and punishments may sufficiently balance any apparent inequality of providence in this life” — John Brown of Haddington The Systematic Theology pg. 11-12


2 thoughts on “Systematic Theology, Day 1

  1. Good quote, Ben. I’m also reminded that when it seems that “God’s dispensations of providence appear to smile upon the wicked” that it is one way in which the Lord is fitting them for destruction. This, of course, turns my heart back toward God in humility and gratefulness of so great salvation.

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