I have Voted…

Because I believe that how you vote should be public (as it was for the first 100 or so years of our Republic) I am listing my votes below:


Since Chuck Baldwin was not on the ballot in PA I voted for:

Bob Barr, Libertarian Party


Titus North, Green Party


Tom Corbett, Republican Party


Chet Beiler, Republican Party


Tom Ellis, Republican Party


Write In Vote, Myself, Crown Rights of King Jesus Party


To authorize the borrowing of $400 million for grants to municipalities for water and sewer improvements….

I voted NO


15 thoughts on “I have Voted…

  1. What???? You’re helping hand the Gov’t over to a communist, liberationist, friend to terrorist, pro-abort kook?????

    Disappointed here man! 😦

  2. Hi John!! I hear things are going well at City Reformed…


    A No-vote for McCain is not a Yes-vote for Obama…

  3. A no-vote for McCain is a no-vote for McCain, and (if you don’t vote for Obama) it’s a no-vote for Obama. It’s an utter failure of elementary logic to claim that by not voting for McCain one is voting for Obama. Hogwash. One could equally well say that someone who votes third party is helping McCain to win, because a non-vote for Obama is a vote for McCain!

  4. Gentlemen,

    A man should vote FOR what he believs in. The election should never be about taking away votes from someone you don’t like. The principles of our republic demand that we vote FOR what is right and good, and never AGAINST what is evil. And we should never choose the lesser of two evils because the option of the good is always available.

    I commend Ben for voting according to his conscience and not according to a desire that another man should lose the race.

  5. City Reformed is doing very well from what I can tell. The pastor, Matt Koerber, is young, energetic, smart, and devoted to the Lord. I like the elders, one of whom is a Professor of Physics at Pitt and very active in apologetics.

  6. When a contest is this tight, esp. in a swing state like PA and one candidate is CLEARLY against human life in the womb and sound, constitutional economic principles, then to cast a vote for a nothingsville third party out of some petty spite seems to me to be a vote for the enemy. You’ve taken yourself out of the fight and allowed your vote to go wasted, poured out on the ground like so many pearls before swine.

    IF one can make the case of an actual, substantive case that voting for the other alternative to murder, sedition and terror-compromising, then perhaps I could see it differently.

    So, make the case! Otherwise be happy when the child-murderer Obama takes power and gives baby-killing judges the reigns.

    Maybe I’ll see it differently tomorrow, when President-Messiah is crowned, but today…

    I’m not buying. We needed every single vote to keep that guy away from our kids and our wallets.

  7. Perhaps you should be more charitable in your assessment, Toby. Perhaps people who vote for Chuck Baldwin are doing so out of some more wholesome and Biblical reasons than your assumed “petty spite”. Your argumentation concerning third party votes is precisely why third parties don’t garner much attention today. It’s the reason we don’t have a Christian political party today, and therefore why Christian principles haven’t made it very far in the political arena. If all one can do in your eyes is compromise, hold one’s nose, and vote for a candidate whose only virtue is a less objectionable position on abortion than Obama, and a somewhat less socialistic monetary policy than Obama, then it’s no wonder there is no Christian voice in Washington.

  8. In other words, Toby, what you’re saying is it’s ok to compromise on principle in “certain situations” like the tight race in PA. Okay. Again, this is why politics is in such a sorry state, and why the Christian political witness is so poor.

  9. Todd,

    Yeah, I know I’m being pretty tough on our friend… I’ll get better.

    But the fact remains that not voting for McCain (who has many admirable qualities) helps put a pro-child murderer in the White House. That’s just reality.

  10. McCain needs every vote he can get, certainly, if he is going to win, and Obama be left as jr. Senator from Illinois. However, a non-Obama vote does not add to his total, and this has to be remembered. It is every bit as much a vote taken away from Obama as it is a vote taken away from McCain. (who said that McCain earned all our votes, and by not giving them to him, he’s “losing” the votes to Obama)? Do the math. It is simply a mischaracterization to say that it is the same as a vote for Obama.

    We have to ask what ultimately our purpose is in voting… if you are supporting McCain because you believe he is the best candidate, the most close to Biblical standards for leadership, the most likely to support Christian ethics underlying his policies and such, then bully for you. You should vote with a clear conscience for John McCain. However, if all you are doing is trying to keep Obama out of office, and honestly you believe another candidate is the most consistent with Biblical principles of government as outlined above, then you have done, I believe, a disservice to your responsibilities. I don’t see anywhere that preventative voting is something we should be practicing. My far-too-much-more-than-two-cents… I’ll leave the last word to you.

  11. I have to confess that I held my nose and voted for McCain. I was, however, instrumental in getting Baldwin on the ballot in Va. I was torn between the two up until Election Day. I admit that chose McCain for three reasons:

    1.) Barrack Obama
    2.) He’s 73 years old and Sarah Palin was his VP.
    3.) The Supreme Court.

    The second reason is a bit morbid, but also a reality.

  12. One could equally well say that someone who votes third party is helping McCain to win, because a non-vote for Obama is a vote for McCain!

    Alas, elementary logic is a lost art these days…

    As for the Backwoods Presbyterian…gutsy!

  13. “One could equally well say that someone who votes third party is helping McCain to win, because a non-vote for Obama is a vote for McCain!”

    Alas, elementary logic is a lost art these days…

    As for the Backwoods Presbyterian…gutsy!

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