Happy Anniversary!!!

Well since my wife saw Tim over at Gairney Bridge‘s Anniversary post she’ll be expecting me to do likewise πŸ™‚

So Happy 4th Anniversary honey!!!

(And no it is not an accident that my Anniversary is on the same day as John Calvin’s Birthday)


4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!!!

  1. OK, Ben, you win. I cannot top the “getting married on Calvin’s birthday” trump card.

    I was “forced” (by circumstances) to get married during the break between Greek 1 and Greek 2 while at seminary. That doesn’t cancel out Calvin, but maybe it softens the blow. πŸ™‚

    And now that I’ve met both of you, I can attest that neither of you look like droids.

    I pity the poor Star Wars-phile who posts a picture of Jabba the Hut on his anniversary. Of course, if he were a “real” fan he wouldn’t have Jabba, since he wasn’t in the original release of Episode IV, but now my geekiness is coming out.

    Actually, I’m so old school that I prefer to think of Episode IV and Episode I…

  2. I, unfortunately, have the DVD’s of Episodes IV-VI that have the edited new stuff. According to Lucas the scene at the spaceport in Los Isly with Han and Jabba was supposed to be in the 1976 running but because of costs was cut.

  3. John Calvin’s birthday, your wedding date, the 2nd commandment hummm….. I must admit that I never made the connection.

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