Well…. We Lost Again…

Now the South is currently on a 0-145 streak at the Battle of Gettysburg. After narrowly loosing the first battle back in 1863 we just have been able to get past the High Water Mark on Cemetery Ridge.


6 thoughts on “Well…. We Lost Again…

  1. You’d think you’d guys could take a hint…

    What did you expect, to win like Progressives at the 218th GA? LOL


  2. You think the South *NARROWLY* lost at Gettysburg? What are you reading? The South was utterly crushed at Gettysburg! July 3 was Lee’s folly and it was only the strength of his personality which enabled the Army of Virginia to fight on for two more years.

  3. Hey, Kevin, it’s all in the perspective. There are probably some folks in the Buckeye State who claim that OSU “narrowly” lost the national football championship two years in a row…

    But we’ll get ’em next year! My suggestion: think about trading Pickett and a case of whiskey to the Yankees for a couple of young prospects.

  4. Ok, if you want my advice:

    Day One: Have Lee order Ewell to take Culp’s Hill or die in the attempt. And If he doesn’t take it, don’t bother coming back. If tha fails:

    Day Two: Have Lee listen to Longstreet. Do NOT attack Litte Round Top. March around them at him them from the rear. If that fails:

    Day Three: Go home. Only a great fool would send an entire division, marching in parade formation, across a mile-wide open field, to try to take an entrenched position behind a ston wall that leaves the agressors flanked and subject to murderous fire on two sides. But hey.

  5. Day #1 is the real reason if they had taken Culp’s hill they could have cannonaded the whole Union line therefore no need for #2 or #3.

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