Just Back From Kentucky

I have been away for the last week attending my wife’s best friend’s wedding in Lebanon, KY. Thankfully I had no internet access during this time so was able to stay away from the shenanigans of the PC(USA) Reichsparteitage General Assembly Also during that trip I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Tim Phillips of Gairney Bridge and Chris Larimer of Adiaphora at a really good breakfast place in Louisville called the Shady Lane Cafe.

Some time today I’ll post the long awaited finale to the Images of the Godhead series. It will be Post 8. Tomorrow I’ll be posting again on Limited Atonement (no matter how many people call it “Definite Atonement” or “Particular Redemption” I’ll still call it Limited Atonement). On Wednesday will be the third post in looking at the Abandonment of Hermeneutics.

This weekend I am going with my Dad to the 145th Anniversary Re-Enactment of the Battle of Gettysburg and will be leaving Thursday to set up all our gear. I am hoping we win this time…


9 thoughts on “Just Back From Kentucky

  1. Jay,

    You detect well. (Google it and it will make perfect sense).


    If ole T.J. Jackson (who was born in the same town as me) had not been shot by Tarheels there would have been no reunion in 1983.

  2. Well, if you end up in Pickett’s charge, say Hi to my Great….Grand father Walter Moore of the second Florida.

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