Plans for the Summer

Well after Friday at 9:30am I will be done with Finals and will have all my papers turned in and completed. Then my summer reading can begin in earnest. Also more importantly in the next couple of weeks my wife and I are expecting our second child (do not know the sex as of yet). So this expects to be a busy summer as I read two thick and long volumes of Reformed Theology and begin raising a new little one (while also giving time to the older sister).

These are the two books:

Institutes of Elenctic Theology by Francis Turretin

The Economy of the Covenants Between God and Man by Herman Witsius.

Also I have promised a post on the 2nd Commandment concerning symbolic images and idolatry. I also will continue my long lost series of posts on 1st Timothy and the rest of the Pastoral Letters as well as update you on my reading.

Soli Deo Gloria


17 thoughts on “Plans for the Summer

  1. Benjamin, I hope those summer plans include going to General Synod. If so, I’ll look for you there!

    The Lord’s blessings on the new little one!

  2. Unfortunately I cannot go to General Synod this year since my wife is due the 11th. I will be there next year. (My daughter’s birthday is the 11th as well.)

    I picked the wrong time of year to have kids!!! (At least and be ARP 😉 )

  3. Planning on reading Turretin and Witsius soon. They’re just waiting on the shelves.

    Maybe we’ll be going through them around them same time. Happy reading!

  4. Hopefully so!!!

    My plan is to read Turretin first (all Three Volumes). Each volume is about 700 pages (Vol. I is 682, Vol. II is 724, and Vol. III is 648) so if I read 50 pages a day (which is doable), it will take me roughly 15 days per volume. So that means I am going to give myself till July 15 to read all three volumes. I’ll then start in on Witsius.

  5. “My plan is to read Turretin first (all Three Volumes). Each volume is about 700 pages (Vol. I is 682, Vol. II is 724, and Vol. III is 648) so if I read 50 pages a day (which is doable),”

    -Your mind is able to process things that quickly?

    -Don’t over exert yourself. You’ll spend as much time looking up words as actually reading Turretin’s volumes.

    -Congratulations in regard to the kid…

  6. By no means does my mind process anything quickly (ask my wife 😉 )

    However this is more an exercise in getting familiar in the way Turretin writes so that I can go back and read more in depth later.

  7. Ben,
    I will be in Pittsburgh on memorial day if you would like to meet up. I will be at the RP sem with 5 guys from Puritan sem. I would love to meet up!

  8. Sounds good Nathan. I’ll be in town all weekend. My daughter’s birthday party is at noon (at Pittsburgh Seminary’s campus) so if you would like y’all are more than welcome to stop by for a bite.

  9. Hi Benjamin,
    I will be interested to read your take on Witsius as you work through that book. I have yet to read anything on the covenants that is really helpful. Maybe Witsius is that one book that is…

    Congrats on the arrival! BTW, the PCA has GA on the 11th of June, so it wouldn’t help to be here either. 🙂

  10. Well I am hoping for that as well Timothy. I “understand” the basic framework of the how the covenants work but I’d like to get some nuts and bolts. Thanks and what is it with June and GA’s/Syndod’s?

  11. Ben,

    You’ve forgotten about a couple of other theology books I am certain you will read this summer as well:

    Brown Bear, Brown Bear
    Miss Spider’s Tea Party

  12. You’ve got a full Summer plate!

    I have yet to really dive into Turretin. I take as much Edwards as I can, but in small doses. His writing is so rich and deep that it can take me as long as 15 minutes to digest a paragraph…

    But it is well worth the effort!

    I’m looking forward to my PA visit in a week! Keep it dry for us, ok?

  13. Benjamin, sorry you won’t be making it to Synod, but blessings on you and your family with the pending arrival of the little one. Yet another arrow for your quiver!

    And speaking of “full plates”:

    If you are able to go to Synod in the future, be sure to attend the Erskine luncheon (held on the second day). It features yummy barbeque from Smokin’ Stokes in Greenville, SC. They have a world championship sauce made from Cheerwine (that’s a cherry-flavored soft drink popular in the Carolinas) that’s just too good to pass up!

  14. Why June GA’s ?? Planting was over the rains had stopped and it wasn’t summer hot yet. Qr The Winter is cold , Spring is wet and Fall is harvest so early Summer was the best time for passable roads and “time off” from the farm .

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