May I be Delivered…

My daughter discovered this morning a little flick by the name of “Lady and the Tramp”. We are currently on our 3rd viewing. Every time the DVD ends she weeps. I tried putting on Lady and the Tramp II, just for a change of pace, but my 20-month old realized immediately that it was not the same movie. She is currently trying to feed Lady a piece of her pancake while saying, “Eat, Doggie, Eat”. Every time the Hound Dog barks she giggles uncontrollably. She looks concerned when the Scottie talks.

Have a Good Weekend Y’all.


5 thoughts on “May I be Delivered…

  1. Whine, whine, whine…Dumbo VHS 2x a day for 24 months… I still can recite the dialog when I have a high fever. The kid is 24 now and I can’t wait till he gets married and has a little one so I can get him Land Before Time… paybacks are great…

    Have fun…bro.


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