Since some questions have come up recently concerning my Statement of Faith I want to give you the opportunity to read it for yourself. You can Read it Here:

Preliminary Statement of Faith


9 thoughts on “Questions…

  1. And what are these “questions” about this orthodox statement of faith?

    Or did I just answer the “problem” they have?

  2. You got it Gary. I actually had to define “Reformed Orthodoxy”.

    One of the more “silly” questions asked by the CPM was “What do you mean by “Federal headship of Christ?”

    I had a hard time believing Ordained Pastor’s had never heard that term before.

  3. Perhaps the presbytery should look into whether or not an ordained pastor that doesn’t know what a Federal headship of Christ is should remain an ordained pastor.

    Did you just mutter “yeah right”? 😉

  4. Since I know that they are tracking your posts and I know some of the people involved I will limit my comments to that they have already adopted the no Trinity and support Universalism since a loving God wouldn’t punish anyone.The full range of their Theology reaches to Barkley and he even seems advanced for them. There is also a professional jealousy about Ben going to Pittsburgh as one of the comments I heard was “You have to be careful about what they teach you there.” and they wonder why the PCUSA is going down the tubes because after all it can’t be their fault. I can also tell you that if they would take a look at the Gassaway church it should be condemned. I have never been in a Church that looks more run down and dirty. A clear reflection of the leadership in that church.

  5. I always find myself shocked at just how far people in positions of leadership and authority have departed from historical Christianity.

    I can’t help but wonder whether people have rejected this or whether they are actually ignorant of these doctrines. (Specifically, if these reject them – do they do so because they have actually explored them, or do they not grasp them?)

  6. Your statement–

    Concise, to-the-point and well written. It’s just a little too deep for a PCUSA CPM.

    Dumb it down a little and you’ll do fine. Drop terms like ‘father’, ‘federal’, ‘saved’ and of course ‘inerrant’ and ‘infallible’.

    Oh, and don’t forget to NEVER use the word ‘rule’.

  7. He didn’t tell you the most outrages comment which was that God is a child abuser since he sent his son to die for us. Something totally unnecessary because he LOVES everyone and we are all going to heaven any way. I would go so far as to say that they aren’t saved just like the Priests who crucified Christ and the Roman Catholics who sold indulgences to the uneducated masses so they could get into heaven with their relatives. So welcome to the Presbytery of West Virginia and their totally out of control with no over site CPM.

  8. I orginally had a comment for here in reply to dad but then decided it was to long and posted it to my blog

    So if the gestapo that dad mentions is watching Ben would be so kind as to come to my blog for a sec…

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