One Term Down, Two to Go

As I finish up this term at PTS I wanted to say a few things about the classes I have taken and the classes that are coming up.

This Term was pretty much a wasted three months. While my Greek Exegesis class with Dr. Dale Allison, Jr. was fascinating to the tilt, I am not sure I learned a whole lot about exegeting a text. Theodicy was on the other hand a fascinating class filled with all kinds of useful adages and readings. I highly recommend it if you get a chance to take it (not that any of the people reading this will likely be in a position to…). Though the professors defense of NPP left a lot to be desired.

Well that ends completely the classes that were worth anything this term. The next two classes which I was enrolled this Fall were a total waste. Intro to Ethics, which was neither really Christan nor really useful (that is unless your college did not require an Ethics course, then this may have been good for you to take). Dr. Hainsworth is a nice professor but I would lobby to teach other things if I were her. PS01: Education was horrendous. We never really learned anything and our sections honestly justed turned into a theological debate that rarely (if ever) engaged the texts we were supposed to be reading.

Well thankfully I have been assured by Seniors at PTS that my last term was the worst I would experience at PTS. Let’s Hope.

Anyway next term will allow us to tackle some more meatier subjects like Pastoral Care, Christology, and the Gospels. Also for those of you who recall I will also be taking a course at what one of my dear professors at PTS referred to as “where the wackos are”, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary on Reformed Worship. As I said before I am hoping RPTS gives a much needed respite from Liberalism and ignorance. We’ll see….

Here is to a good Winter Term!!!


7 thoughts on “One Term Down, Two to Go

  1. So why won’t I be able to take Theodicy? Is it not going to be offered for a long time?

    And… which of these OPEN MINDED professors said that about the RPTS?

    Although being a former RP member, I can say they are whacko about singing only Psalm in acapella. Its particlularly whacko when you’re singing “Praise God with a harp” but you’re not allowed to use a harp

  2. Remember the prize you are running for – you’ll be able to jettison a lot of this junk when you finish, and then do some real ministry amongst God’s people.

  3. I know Stushie. Honestly my purpose with the M.Div. degree is to learn how to do proper research, write Graduate-level papers, and the like. I had no illusions about “learning” anything groundbreaking in seminary.

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