Rev. Bill Crawford, Schismatic?

Isee the “Rev.” John Schuck has taken the time out of his busy day to take a pot shot at one of the consistory:

The PCUSA is moving ahead
October 10, 2007

It will be a day just like all others when schismatics like Bill Crawford
of Thibodaux, La. [Letters, October 9, 2007], finally exit the denomination in a
self-righteous huff. Despite the angry (and now tired) complainers, the vast
majority of the church does its work for Christ’s Kingdom. Crawford and his
crowd can stay or leave.The Presbyterian Church (USA) is moving ahead with or
without you.

John Shuck First Presbyterian Church Elizabethton, Tenn.


2 thoughts on “Rev. Bill Crawford, Schismatic?

  1. John Shuck says the PCUSA is moving ahead. I wonder in what sense is it moving ahead? It is hemorrhaging congregations and members at a record pace. Does the PCUSA intend to reform its theology and morality? Does the PCUSA intend to expel its immoral members that so discredit the entire body and make its moral members want to leave? (I Cor. 5:13)

  2. I pastor Parkway Freewill Baptist Church in Sebring Fl.I first ran across this Rev Shuck when some of our winter guest from Elizebethton told me about this man and what he is doing.So I sent him an email and asked him why he even calls himself Christain after several emails later he simply called me not directly might I add but the meaning was there backwards and stupid but he never answered the question each email was answered with a personal attack on my faith or intelligent level.As with most liberals when they cannot defend their position with logic and reason they resort to personal attacks.I pray for this man and those that listen to his heresy

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