Learning Hebrew

This post is going to be short and to the point. Whoever told me that Hebrew would be easier than Greek is in need of serious medical help. It has only been two weeks and man-o-man is this hard.


6 thoughts on “Learning Hebrew

  1. You are either a Greek person or a Hebrew person.

    In Hebrew, never look for logic or cold reason, just feel the ‘earthiness’ of the language. Basically, you will hate its vagueness and contextuality or you will come to love it.

    I have seen few who are lukewarm on the subject of Hebrew. But, also I’m biased! I did prettey well in Hebrew.

    Greek on the other hand…

  2. It will get better – I promise. Remember how Greek started out pretty simple and by the end of the term you had enough endings running through your mind that you couldn’t keep the imperative, the infinitive, and the subjunctive clear? Hebrew doesn’t have nearly as complex of a structure and once you’ve got it – you’ve got it. The start is a lot harder than Greek, but it levels out.

  3. Oh great … my Better Half, the seminary student just received a copy of a Hebrew Spoken Vocabulary guide on 2 CDs … now along with her reciting the alefbet, I get some dude saying words in english then hebrew.

    OY !!

  4. Better than me. I have a wife and two children taking Hebrew. I may have to learn it just to defend myself!! I know that they are talking about me….. 🙂

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