Prayer Request # 2

To All:

I was laid off from my job today and therefore I more than likely will not be able to attend seminary on a full-time basis. My wife who recently had a baby is not working either so please pray that we both find employment soon.

God Who In All Things Triumphs, To Him Be The Glory. Do not feel sorry but be glad that Christ is Victorious over sin and death. The Earth can only kill you. God can only save you.


6 thoughts on “Prayer Request # 2

  1. That’s terrible.

    As one who went from full time career student with a family to poor pastor with a family (and student loans out the wazoo!) and as one who has always been on the edge of financial disaster, I can fully sympathize!

    If you need financial help there are a few sources that I may know of. Send me an e-mail if you get in a bind.

    God bless you in this time of trouble!

  2. My prayers are with you – I look forward to seeing you around the seminary more once things work out. God is with us even when we walk through the valleys.

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