Non-Religious Rant

I HATE NBC’s Racing coverage. I am a MASSIVE NASCAR fan and NBC ruins every race they cover. Wally Dallenbach is a moron. Benny Parsons needs to retire (He’s NASCAR’s version of John Madden) and there has to be someone who is a better play-by-play guy than Bill Weber. NBC didn’t talk about ANYONE who was outside of the top 10 let alone any other car but Hendrick. They did not show ANY video of ANYONE in the back of the pack. I hate NBC with a passion and can’t wait for next year when ABC replaces NBC. Hopefully we will get Paul Paige or Gary Thorne. Also Rusty is an analyst for ESPN and hopefully will transfer to the ABC booth. When NBC comes back this summer I’ll go back to my old ritual of turning on MRN and putting the T.V. on mute.


3 thoughts on “Non-Religious Rant

  1. I couldn’t agree more, I wondered if anyone else felt the same way. In contrast from this past Sunday’s race on FOX was great.

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