Even Worse

Even Worse, now we are recognizing terrorists as legitamite combatants.

For Those in the Military

Righteous God, you rule the nations.
Guard brave men and women
who risk themselves in battle for their country.
Give them compassion for enemies
who also fight for patriotic causes.
Keep our sons and daughters from hate that hardens,
or from score keeping with human lives.
Though they must be at war,
let them live for peace,
as eager for agreement as for victory.
Encourage them as they encourage one another,
and never let hard duty separate them
from loyalty to your Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.
[p. 818, #733]


2 thoughts on “Even Worse

  1. What the? The majority of the military is jesus loving redneck white trash that arent brave but, are ignorant uneducated pawns for the leaders their parents voted for.

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