The New PCUS???

I have recently found a new website which bills itself as a group of seminary professors and Presbyterian pastors concerned about the schism that is surely to happen this summer in Birmingham. (It can be found here: What I have found through my early perousal is that they look to put together either a “rebirth” of the old PCUS-better known as the Southern church-which merged with the UPCUS-or Northern church-officially in 1983 or to found a whole new denomination if things go badly (which I think they will) at General Assembly this summer. Now those of us who may not have grown up within the boundries of these two denominations and only know the PC(USA) do not really comprehend what makes the PCUS fundamentally different from the PC(USA). (Sorry for the Alphabet Soup.) I have sent my minions out to find out more about the old PCUS and if this is viable to those of us who have grown up within the confines of the PC(USA) and have found it lacking theologically. I will report back with my findings.


4 thoughts on “The New PCUS???

  1. Great post! May I speculate that the motivation behind is to direct the thoughts and discussions of pastors and sessions toward forming a new presbyterian denomination if the 2006 GA moves the PC (U.S.A.) into schism.

    May I also suggest that picking the PCUS back up, so to speak, could have everything to do with simple logistics. How long would it take to start from scratch? As the group has made clear, the NWI is a long way away from constituting anything close to a reformed denomination. And things probably need to happen quickly if they happen. Picking up with the PCUS BOO and BOC would be like a crab running to grab a discarded shell.

    The one distinctive of the Southern church over and against the PC (U.S.A.) which the group probably admires is the shorter length of the BOO and BOC. Anyone who can identify with the viewpoint might be helped by reading the old BOO from the PCUS and see if he or she thinks it would be a good place to start. And, you know, I bet there isn’t a copy available on the internet. Someone whose interested in this stuff could push the cause forward by posting one ASAP!

    These, at least, are my speculations on the matter. Thanks for tracking it.

  2. Thanks for the post Tim. As a current seminarian at a PCUSA seminary it is quite troubling time to be a PCUSA inquirer…

  3. I, too came through a PCUSA seminary (Austin) and had some “issues”! I really learned very little of the Reformed faith, so while in the parish, I’ve had to do remedial studies! And these led me futher and further away from our present state of being, and closer to the past–of classical reformed theology.

    I’m glad to find some fellow travelers…

  4. As one who remembers the “old ways” and was present and voted in Denver I found the workings at GA a real eye opener The property issues alone couldbe a stopper. Wonder what the PCUSA would do with all the empty buildings… but I wonder if there would be a differance? There has to be something between PCA and PCUSA for us old PCUS. My wife has two congragations she pastors that would be happy to jump.

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